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Spoon-billed Sandpiper
Spoon-billed Sandpiper ©

Learn of the Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper
at our June 7 Meeting

John Canter will present the latest in his series of Critically Endangered avian species' seminars "SANDS OF THE SANDPIPERS' TIME" at our June 7, 2017 meeting. The presentation, developed after two years and well over a thousand hours of research, explores the global forces, both naturally occurring and man-made, that are transforming the Spoon-billed Sandpipers' environments and driving it to the edge of extinction. Covering sixteen nations, several flyways, and two highly divergent biomes, the presentation dramatizes the Spoonies' sometimes joyous, sometimes heart rendering struggle to survive in an increasingly hostile world.

The Spoon-billed Sandpipers winter in southeast Asia and migrate up the Asian coast to summer in eastern Russia. The best place to see Spoonies is in Myanmar at the Bay of Mottoma from November to March. No guarantees, but most of the known flock annually winters there. One of John’s avicultural friends is the lead on the Spoon-billed Sandpiper Task Force and is in Myanmar. John receives almost daily reports/updates from him and will integrate the more salient events into his continuously updated and endlessly morphing presentation.

Normally John presents to National Audubon Society audiences and to their local chapters. Now he feels privileged to speak to a home town audience. And he went one step further to join 3RBC!

The meeting will be held on June 7, 2017 at the Phipps Garden Center, 1059 Shady Avenue in Shadyside. Doors open at 6:30 PM for socializing, a business meeting begins at 7:30, and the program starts at 8:00. The usual snacks will be available. Ample parking is available.

Future Programs:

  • August 2 — Wayne Laubscher, a Pennsylvania birder and photographer, will describe winter birding in Ontario.
  • October 4 — Noah Strycker, who did a record-breaking 2015 Global Big Year will share stories of his round-the-world experiences.

What's New? (5/8/2017)

   The May/June 2017 issue of The Peregrine is now available. See additonal photos of melanistic birds to accompany Tom Moeller's 'Observations' column here: Melanism.

   Please read the Membership Meeting Minutes from April 5, 2017.

   The Ralph K. Bell Bird Club is planning one more spring event, a Memorial Walk at the Bell Farm on Saturday, May 20. Read more details in the accompanying link.

   Steel Valley Trail Council's recent Raptor Row Ride organized by Roy Bires with help from other 3RBC members was a great success. See Mary Ann Thomas's article and a video on the ride at Raptor Ride.

   Be sure to visit our club's FaceBook page for up-to-date news on happenings with the club, member photos, or links to other birding sites.

   Thanks to Jack Solomon for compiling a list of all the 3RBC Speakers from 2001 to December 2017.

   Mike Fialkovich has summarized our club's 2016 activities and 2016 Birds Reported in Allegheny County.

   A Birding Interview with the Bobs: Robert C. Leberman and Robert S. Mulvihill

   3RBC Outings for April, May, and June 2017 have been posted.

   Outings Revisited for November 2016 have been posted.

   Hays Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring! Roy Bires has volunteered to coordinate the monitoring of the Hays Bald Eagle nest site. To help, contact Roy at His phone numbers are 412.241.5014 (home) and 412.216.7130 (cell).

  Pennsylvania Birds — See what you've been missing! The Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology (PSO) publishes previews of the current issue of Pennsylvania Birds online, which consist of the cover, table of contents, and a featured article. Anyone who does not subscribe or perhaps does not even know about PSO can now actually see a little bit of what they've been missing, and hopefully be encouraged to join PSO!

Items to Note!

Let's Have a Young Birders Club in Pittsburgh!

On Jan. 8, 2017, at 1:30 pm, a meeting was held at the Frick Environmental Center, 2005 Beechwood Blvd, 15217, in Squirrel Hill to see who was interested.  FEC and the  Pgh. Parks Conservancy graciously provided Jack Solomon a room to hold this meeting.  

The most important purpose in setting up this meeting was to find out if there was anyone around who would step up and make this club happen. This effort is not yet sponsored by 3RBC or any other organization, but it's hoped that will happen. 

See more on the results of this meeting in the February 1, 2017 meeting minutes and page 12 of the March/April edition of The Peregrine.

The Ohio Young Birders Club is held up by National Audubon as a leading example of a club for young birders. Can we get anything like it in Pittsburgh?

Here's some valuable information about how to go about forming a young birders club Young Birders Club Toolkit (PDF).

2016 was another busy year for the Three Rivers Birding Club! Mike Fialkovich has compiled a summary of the club's 2016 activities and has also compiled the 2016 Birds Reported in Allegheny County summary.

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